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Technical Info
Eutelsat 8 West D

Sat Name  Sinosat 3 (Xinnuo 3) >>> ZX 5C (Chinasat 5C) >>> Eutelsat 3A >>> Eutelsat 8 West D
Orbital location  3.3° East >>> 7.9° East
Status  end of life
Coverage  Europe, North Africa
Operator  Eutelsat
Satellite Manufacturer
 CAST (China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation)
Launch Site  Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Launch Vehicle  CZ-3A     Serial: 3A-Y15
Bus  DFH-3 Bus
Launch date  01 June 2007
Design Life  8 years
Uplink Frequency  C-band: 5.925 - 6.425 GHz
Downlink Frequency  C-band: 3.700 - 4.200 GHz
Beacon Frequency  
Polarisation  C-band: Linear
Total Transponders  24 C-band (21, 36 MHz)


Eutelsat 3A
C-band regional beam


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