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Technical Info


Sat Name  NigComSat-1R (ZX 10) (ex SinoSat-5, Xinnuo 5)
Orbital location  42.5° East
Status  Geostationary
Operator  NigComSat LTD (Nigerian Communication Satellite Ltd)
Satellite Manufacturer  CAST (China Academy of Space Technology)
Launch Site  Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Launch Vehicle  CZ-3B/E     Serial: 3B-Y21
Bus  DFH-4 bus
Launch date  19.12.2011
Design Life  15 years
Uplink Frequency
 C-band: 6425 - 6725 MHz
 Ku-band: 14.00 - 14.25 GHz
 Ka-band: 28.80 - 30.00 GHz

Downlink Frequency
 C-band: 3500 - 3700 MHz
 Ku-band: 12.50 - 12.75 GHz
 Ka-band: 19.80 - 20.20 GHz

Beacon Frequency  
Polarisation  C-band  : Circular
 Ku-band: Linear
 Ka-band: Circular
 L-band  : Circular
Total Transponders
 4 C-band (36 MHz)
 14 Ku-band (31.5 MHz)
 8 Ka-band (120 MHz)
 2 L-band (L1 = 4 MHz & L5 =20 MHz)



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